Focus:  My practice focuses primarily in the area of family law for both traditional and non-traditional families. This includes divorce and dissolution, division of property, custody and parenting, spousal and child support, grandparent rights, and stepparent adoptions. I handle family law matters in both the Court of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court. 

Resolving Cases:  Negotiation and settlement are generally the least intrusive, quickest, and most cost effective way to resolve the client's issue. Because of the complex and personal nature of many family law disputes, other tools beyond negotiation may be necessary, such as mediation. However, where negotiation and mediation have failed or were not an option, I am fully prepared to litigate the case.

Jurisdictions:  My office is located in Downtown Cincinnati, though in addition to Hamilton County, I handle matters in neighboring jurisdictions, including Clermont, Butler, and Warren County.  I am licensed to practice law in both Ohio and Kentucky.